Q: Where are you located / where would the shoot take place?

A: Because we shoot in our home the exact address won’t be given out until after you’ve booked. But we are located in Uptown New Orleans!

Q: What is the process of shooting and when will I receive my photos?

A: 1. Book a date and time 2. Receive booking confirmation with all the shoot details 3. Shoot! 4. Receive your photos within 24 hours to begin selecting final images to have edited 5. Receive final, edited photos within 5-10 days! (If you need your photos faster, rush jobs are available, just ask!)

Q: Your package costs $299, are their any other hidden or extra costs I should be aware of?

A: Not at all! Our pricing is all inclusive! Please review the package details on the Headshots Page to see what all is included! The only additional cost would be for a hair and make-up artist (+$75), but we really recommend doing all of that yourself anyways!

Q: Can I bring my own hair and make-up artist?

A: We highly recommend handling your own hair and make-up. The purpose of this is to make sure you look as much like yourself as possible. We generally only recommend make-up artists for very specific looks which is highly uncommon. If you would like to use a make-up artist, we have one who we would prefer for you to use, just let us know!

Q: Do you offer any other packages other than what is listed on the website?

A: We currently only offer the one package listed on our website!

Q: What should I wear for my session?

A: This is entirely subjective! Keep in mind we will discuss your wardrobe in detail when you arrive for your session to determine what will work best, but we also recommend consulting with your agent or acting coach to determine what wardrobe options would best portray the sort of looks you’d like to get! We recommend that you also bring as many options as possible to your session! The more we have to pick from, the better chance we have at getting that perfect look! But as a general rule of thumb, stay away from anything that will distract from your face, such as florescent colors or intense patterns!

Q: Could we meet for a consultation prior to the session?

A: We would love to hangout with you as much as we can! But our schedule is very tight! In general we have found that most questions can be easily answered over email and our sessions are structured to allow for plenty of discussion and prep before we actually begin to shoot so that your session is unique and exactly what you need!

Q: How do I book a session?

A: Click the BOOK NOW button below and select a date and time! Once you’ve booked a time, you will receive an email with all of the shoot details!

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Don’t see the answer to your question her? Email us at info@indienmedia.com!