Actor Reels



The two most important tools for an actor are their Headshots and their Demo Reel. These are the things that will get you in the door. Although many actors are multi-talented, most don’t have the programs and computer hardware to cut together a professional grade reel with consistently amazing quality through out, and one that is edited precisely to showcase their performances over anything else on the reel. In many cases, actors just don’t have the time to cut their own reel.

Another roadblock many actors hit is just not knowing how to get all of their footage on to a reel. They know they have a DVD of feature they were in, a video on YouTube they want to use, and another clip on iTunes that they must have, but they just don’t know how to get all of this video in to one place.

At Indien, we have a professional editing suite and studio with experienced editors, managed by Lead Editor Adam Intriago. Adam has 5 years of professional video editing experience for film and international television and knows what it takes to create professional grade material.

Example Demo Reels:



1 REEL/2-3MINS = $249

-3 minute long (or less) demo reel
-Edited to showcase the actor’s performances
-Footage acquisition, downloading, ripping, converting, and encoding available as needed at no extra cost
-Final reel compressed into as many versions as you need (Actor’s Access, IMDb, Vimeo, DVD, Blu-Ray, Etc.)
-Discounted updates to reel when needed in the future, no need to pay for a whole new reel!

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